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Step three

The customer returns to the branch to realize the benefit and deepen the sale. 

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Step two

When the customer approves of a return message receiving future messages, it receives a redemption benefit and enters a mailing store legally.

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Step one

when paying, Sending green receipt from the cashier (Point of Sale) directly to the customer's mobile phone without printing.  

Digital Billing to Mobile

BRANDCUST analyze and manage the print content of the receipt from the offline Point Of Sale directly to the customer's mobile phone. The client immediately receives the receipt digitally with immediate obtaining a benefit. On the customer's side, he can digitally see all the invoices and credits received from the chain store he purchased in the past. On the side of the chain store, building ongoing relationships provided with consistently growing customers who have purchased as a casual manner now become a return customer.


Next Best Offer

Listen to your customers’ behaviors to determine their interest in specific products or services. Respond by engaging with them on their terms with the right channel & message at the right time. Predict customer needs so sales can easily be the focus on closing business. Help sales have more personalized communication with customers based on who they are, their behavior, and their interests. BRANDCUST Customer Marketing solution identifies even your casual customer's Best Next Offer.


Casual Customers

In the highly competitive world of Commerce BRANDCUST turn casual buyers to become a return customer. It costs 10 times more to recruit a new customer than to sell to an existing customer you already have. With BRANDCUST you expand your relationship with casual customers, grow sales and keep your customers satisfied. Using your customer data, identify opportunities to expand your existing data with cross-selling and up-sell activity.



 Customer Management to
Power Your Sales


BRANDCAST analyzes customer behavior and predict their Next Best Offer at the point of sale by sending the receipt directly to the customer's mobile phone and recruits casual shoppers who become repeat customers.

Customers administration.


What is up-selling?

Up-selling is suggesting your customer purchase additional items or shift to a more premium or upgrade version of their original choice.


What is Cross-Selling?

Cross selling is the act of offering customers additional items that will go well with the one they are purchasing.

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